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FAQ: Infrastructure Services

What mainframe support does RICOMM provide?

RICOMM provides mainframe systems programming, administration and maintenance, operations and data center support, telecommunications (VTAM, CICS, CTS, NCP, TCP/IP), database management and design (DB2, IDMS, Adabas, Datacom, Oracle), storage management (DASD, VTS, silo, tape units), and operating subsystem support such as JES2, JES3 and TSO.

What mainframe programming languages does RICOMM support?

RICOMM supports MVS, OS/390, z/OS, VM, VSE and other IBM-compatible mainframe and mid-range operating systems and subsystems, as well as applications support for COBOL, Fortran, PL/1, and Assembler as well as specialty languages like Natural.

What LAN/WAN network management does RICOMM support?

RICOMM supports most network hardware platforms and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Novell Netware, OS/2, Sun Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX. Our network experience includes ATM, TDM, FDDI, SONET, DWDB/WDM, Frame Relay, VPN, X.25, SNA, T1/T31SDN, VoIP, Token Ring, 10 Base T, 100 Base T, and Gigabit Ethernet protocols and components.

Can RICOMM help with performance and tuning of my environment?

RICOMM is well versed in several of the performance tools like BMC products, Candle products, SAS, SMF, and others.

Does RICOMM perform full facilities management?

RICOMM understands that the rigors of running a data center can cause companies to lose focus on day-to-day business tasks, so we have developed a philosophy and that permits us to run your data center with 99% availability.