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Commercial Enterprises

In today's competitive economy, a company cannot afford to spend needless time or money trying to develop expertise in a field that is not part of its core mission. Even when the in-house staff possesses the skills and experience needed, they are still accountable for other responsibilities that prevent them from devoting their undivided attention to one particular project for extended periods of time. Inevitably, major IT improvements affecting operational costs and customer-facing services are delayed, exceed time and budget once started, and fail to deliver expected business outcomes.

RICOMM offers complete and immediate resources for complex IT challenges, including experienced people, hardware and software products through leading manufacturers, industry-specific applications expertise, program management, and quality assurance foresight that anticipates problems before they occur. More than relieve an internal IT stress, RICOMM enables commercial enterprises to:

RICOMM works with companies large and small across mainframe, mid-range, and server technology environments for their commercial success. Clients include Fortune 100 companies to law firms with as few as 200 attorneys. Depth and breadth of applied expertise is particularly strong in solutions for legal services, financial services, healthcare, education, and transportation.