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Company Overview

RICOMM Systems is a leading technology products and services company with core capabilities in information storage, records management, disaster recovery, IT migration services, and custom IT hardware/software infrastructure projects.

IT Solutions for High-Volume Data Environments

RICOMM handles the big jobs involving mainframe and mid-range systems running up to a million or more lines of code and processing copious amounts of data. We generally serve marquee clients in government and commercial sectors who require highly customized solutions for complex IT challenges unique to their operational environment and mission-critical processes.

Legacy Support to New Technology Implementations

RICOMM provides ongoing system management and programming services for legacy systems, transitioning legacy applications to new technology platforms, and entirely new IT infrastructures. Cumulative competencies in old and new operating systems, select partnerships with leading software and hardware providers, and proven best practices expertise in high-visibility projects enable RICOMM to approach each client's needs with unique qualifications and informed perspectives.

Innovative Products to Fill Capability Voids

In customer engagements where no products are commercially available to deliver a desired outcome, RICOMM applies its own development resources to fill the need. This is especially true in mainframe and mid-range computer information storage and backup processes, where RICOMM, after a series of custom implementations, standardized and markets its own RTAPE line of high-efficiency tape management and tape emulation backup/restore products.

Quality, Integrity, Commitment

From regulatory compliance to new operational efficiencies to more profitable business processes, RICOMM's outcome-driven solutions are the direct result of understanding customers' objectives and applying the most qualified resources to achieve them within predetermined time and budget. Dependence on effective management techniques, including ISO 9001 and SEI CMM, and IT professionals averaging over 15 years of hands-on experience contribute significantly to RICOMM's history of high customer satisfaction.

Recognized Excellence

An accomplished GSA Schedule contractor and SBA-certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), RICOMM has been recognized with numerous awards and commendations by customers such as the FAA, FDIC, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, U.S. Customs Service, Computer Sciences Corporation, and the State of New Jersey. Industry partners, including ECM and IBM, often engage RICOMM to reduce risks and ensure delivery of full product value for select customer initiatives.

Heritage of Performance

Founded in 1984, RICOMM takes great pride in its record of service, ingenuity, and commitment to deliver value-add products and services across old and new technology platforms. From legacy mainframes to Web services-enabled client/server networks, RICOMM spans technology evolution by meeting IT challenges with customer focus, innovation, and experience. This approach distinguishes RICOMM as a company that has never compromised a customer confidence in technical capabilities, ethics, or contractual obligations.