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Customer Approach

Understand the Mission

RICOMM Team members must understand, from the customer's perspective, the mission and needs of user community members.

Integrate Quality Assurance

As applicable, change management, configuration management, project management, migration management, and problem management are integrated into all processes to ensure all tasks are performed correctly the first time.

Follow Sound Communications Strategy

A dominant driver for project success, comprehensive customer communications will include:

a) clearly defined, mutually understood project goals and objectives

b) a well-defined set of project plans

c) frequent progress reports

d) user forums, to ensure project progress tracks to user expectations

Deploy the Right Team

Apply only the most talented, experienced, and dedicated staff to fulfill commitments and all customer expectations within time and budget.

Broad-based Ownership and Support

Take the lead in driving project success.

Diplomatically overcome any resistant stakeholder buy-in or barriers to positive change.

Cultivate cooperation and consensus support for the customer organization's priorities and commitment of resources necessary to effect change.